What is a Chemical Dependency (Rehab Centers and More)

A chemical dependency is the normal biological reaction to an addictive chemical. Specifically, the body becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol to the point where its natural chemistry has been altered. When someone has developed a drug and alcohol chemical dependency, rehab centers will safely detox them and return their body chemistry to normal.

Passages Malibu is a luxury rehab center in California with the best chemical dependency rehab program available. Our luxury chemical dependency rehab program was given the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission (only 6% of United States luxury rehab centers have this), and praised by Forbes Magazine and Healthcare Global. Call 866-463-6213 for more information about luxury chemical dependency rehab and treatments at Passages Malibu.

What is Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation?

The Passages Malibu luxury rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction provides an all-natural detox and chemical dependency rehabilitation program to hundreds of clients every year. Chemical dependency rehabilitation at Passages Malibu removes drugs and alcohol from the system at a controlled rate to both minimize and hasten the effects of withdrawal. Natural supplementation is provided at Passages Rehab, but absolutely no toxic chemicals (prescription or otherwise) are given.

Passages Malibu has the modern technology and trained medical professionals needed to monitor the client and their comfort levels, providing the safest detox possible. Chemical detox takes place in a private suite overlooking the Pacific Ocean under 24-hour medical supervision and care. Massage therapy and other holistic treatments contain cravings and help the body remove toxins.

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Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Having an addiction is not the same as having a chemical dependence. An addiction refers to the compulsions and behaviors stemming from a physical dependence to drugs and alcohol. Thus, a chemical dependency rehab program focuses more on the physical aspects of dependency and less on the psychological aspects of addiction.

Chemical dependency rehabilitation is a single component of an overarching customized treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction. Passages Malibu uses other holistic therapies in conjunction with chemical dependency rehab to identify the underlying causes of addiction within each individual. Once the underlying causes of addiction have been identified, they can be safely removed for permanent sobriety.

Passages Malibu Resolves Chemical Dependency

Established in 2001, Passages Malibu revolutionized the chemical dependency rehabilitation industry by developing a customizable drug and alcohol treatment program designed to heal in mind, body and spirit. Psychotherapy, counseling, drug dependency rehabilitation, and other holistic healing therapies converge to give clients the skills they need to pursue an enriching purpose in life that is far away from drugs and alcohol.

If you or someone you know has developed a dependency to drugs and alcohol, rehab at Passages Malibu can provide them with the experience they need to overcome it.
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