Passages Malibu: A History of Addiction

Passages Malibu – and all of the subsequent Passages luxury rehab centers created in its wake of success – would not be possible without one man: Pax Prentiss. Sadly, Pax developed a serious addiction to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and heroin early in life. Having no friends and largely isolating himself from society after ten years of self-destructive behavior, he finally turned to his father Chris for support.

Pax had been lying to everyone for years about his drug and alcohol abuse, even to himself, but now he was ready to receive the best drug and alcohol rehab possible and change his life around. Chris and Pax were not sure exactly what to do next, having never faced this kind of situation before, so they sought the best drug and alcohol rehab treatments they could find. Surely, the advice and guidance of top luxury rehab clinics, therapists and other specialists would set Pax straight.

Unfortunately, even the most expensive drug and alcohol treatment programs were not able to stop Pax from abusing substances for very long. Pax would get sober for only a short period of time before relapsing and he could not figure out why. Each time he felt terrible and ashamed of not following the rules set forth by luxury rehab centers, despite his best efforts.

After some deliberation, Pax and his father soon suspected that luxury treatment centers may be using the wrong terminology and approach. They would always tell Pax that he was helpless, an addict, and worst of all, sick for life. Pax was always taught that addiction was a disease and nothing more, but he was not sure if this was the case. Having exhausted their options, Pax parted ways with the drug and alcohol luxury rehab industry in search of something better.

Chris and Pax went on to use some basic concepts they had learned from luxury rehab centers as a foundation for their research. Soon they were researching alternative holistic therapies and treatments, and this is when Pax had a major break-though. Chris and Pax used a combination of holistic approaches from around the world to develop a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program specifically for Pax.

The holistic treatments, which were all driven by science-based evidence, allowed Pax to get to the underlying cause of his addiction on his own. Unlike the rigid luxury rehab centers he had been to before, this self-empowering strategy used no stereotypical concepts and felt good.

Passages Malibu takes the same healing principles established by Pax and refines them to the next level. In 2001, Passages Malibu was built in Southern California, and it has gone on to become the world’s leading holistic luxury rehab center in the time since. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation offered at Passages Malibu can deliver permanent sobriety from any kind of drug and alcohol addiction. If you or someone you love is ready to stop using drugs and alcohol, then please call the Admissions Department at Passages Malibu.